The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic, once known as Hispaniola, is a paradise island in the heart of the Caribbean, having been just the first Spanish colony of America. This island offers amazing shows: colonial architecture, wonderful mountains in the internal areas and more than 1000 Km of wonderful beaches. The highest point of Antille is called Pico Duarte, up to 3200 mt. high. No other Country in the Caribbean offers so many different landscapes and historical views, together with the involving kindness and happiness to live of the Dominican people that makes a holiday in these places simply great. Sosua is a real pearl situated in the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, only ten minutes from the airport of Puerto Plata. It’s characterized by different beautiful beaches with the main one being a bay with a typical U shape and a quiet sea, very famous also for several water activities such as snorkelling and for the amazing barrier reef. The close Cabarete is known instead for water sports such as surf, windsurf etc, being famous all around the world just for this. The tropical climate allows a constant tourism all the year long and the winds blowing especially in the North of the island give a nice climate with temperatures around 28-31 Celsius degrees.